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InFocus Real Estate Group is committed to giving back to our communities. InFocus Agents give a portion of their commissions to the InFocus Community Fund which sets aside those funds to help others.

We believe that when we lift others up, it builds strong communities that thrive and neighborhoods that work together for a common goal.

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A Focused Perspective is a YouTube series provided by InFocus Real Estate Group. The show brings you important topics as it pertains to real estate, your community and we also have a little fun, giving you a fresh and focused perspective.

Let us help you GROW, EMPOWER AND TRANSFORM your life both personally and professionally!

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Monthly Book Club for ANYONE!

Books chosen by members of the book club. Monthly Meeting via Zoom to discuss the book and select the next months reading. A Time to have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee while engaging in conversation with people who love to read and support each other in their journeys. Send us an email with your name, email and phone and we will add you to the next months meeting!

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Coach Kristen is a Certified Professional Coach, An Award Winning Broker and Published Author. A mom of 4 children and grandmother to 1, she is passionate about helping others reach their potential.

Areas of Specialty Coaching include:

  • Real Estate Coaching
  • Executive, Business, Career & Life Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
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